January 11, 2023 Deals and Giveaways

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Please check out all the deals and freebies below from the infamous, January 11th email that just didn't want to work out for me! These links actually work! LOL

Featured Books

Ventis & Victims

“Chief, we've got a floater!”

A dead body is found on Shallow Lake in the town of Jumpers Hole. A retired fire investigator, George “Weezy” Nikolaus, had a few secrets. But who would want to kill him and why?

Out of Options

Friend or Family – Who would you choose?

The cry for help from her estranged brother arrived like a bolt out of the blue.

So did the storm that brought down her F/A-18 Super Hornet.


When a mouthy consultant meets a gruff FBI agent, they team up to solve the worst serial murders in decades – but even with all their talents combined they seem outmatched.

Featured Group Promos

Click on each image below to see all the book deals. Grab the ones you want while you can. 🙂

8 thoughts on “January 11, 2023 Deals and Giveaways”

  1. This worked for me. The emails were a problem and almost had me ready to unsubscribe. Glad you came up with this solution.

    1. Tech issues are inevitable at times so I appreciate your patience, Helen. Thank you for sticking around.

  2. Thank you for your efforts to get this fixed! I appreciate it, I know it must be frustrating for you, when something like this happens…

    1. Thanks, Diane. Yes, it was! Mostly because I don’t like sending garbage to your inbox… only value. 🙂 I appreciate your patience and support!

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